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Dear Sirs
Gabriel Reyes, Paulo Laserna
Presidents RCN and CARACOL television tv

Dear Sirs
My name is Jane Glyenhall study Law at the Universidad de la Sabana, I just arrived from abroad, and Ianalyzed the television for a week given by their main television channels in the country. And reached the conclusion that the Colombian television in special private channels is very bad, of thesereasons:

Both channels are filled with novels that have recycling issues, previous productions, this is the case with "Bella calamidades” that history repeats to “”Lola calamidades” (argument givenby consultations I've done). they do not show anything new or productive, its cast is generally abroad, checking out the local talent, other problem is that the novels degrades some aspects such asaccents, history, for example, :"oye bonita" (the novel can be translated as "hey beautiful") in which ridicule the Caribbean culture with their fake accents, fake actors only for mention these aspects.You are content on their channels are not available for public will quote an example: “Pandillas, Guerra y Paz” (gang war and peace). This is a very violent example that places the mark of violencethat has Colombian society and in my opinion does not add anything positive.

Some presenters of television, which I believe do not have the skills necessary to present the programs. I tell abouttwo examples: Mabel Cartagena and Ana Karina Soto. The first woman is a person not allowed to speak to his fellow program, especially the "Negra Candela" with their children's attitudes, scandalous,make it loud stressful the program. She is trying to impose against the other presenters. The second woman presenter is very controversial for a video made in the past, his attitude is very artificialand some viewers feel that there has charisma to present.

the news must be independent and impartial, I see that in the election of President of Colombia, in the campaigns, both channels were very...
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