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  • Publicado : 29 de febrero de 2012
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Get thicker stands and higher yields with Brillion “Sure Stand” Seeders. Recognized the world over as the best seeding method for planting grasses and legumes.

Grass seed is a very expensive commodity. By properly placing the grass seed in the top 1/2” of a properly prepared seedbed you will realize maximum seedgermination. Because of Brillion’s precision placement of the seeds, seeding rates can often be cut to nearly half of the rates previously used. In many cases the savings in seed alone will pay for a “Sure Stand” Seeder in just a short time. Don’t risk your crop to another system. Don’t settle for less. Use the one seeding method that you can depend on to produce a top stand time after time...a BrillionSure Stand Seeder.

SSP-12 equipped with optional brome box and track removers.


SS-10 equipped with optional brome box, trac


Front rollers crush lumps, press down small stones, and form a firm seedbed. Precision seeding devices meter out the seed onto the well prepared seedbed. The rear rollers split the shallow ridges formed by thefront rollers and gently firm the soil around the tiny seeds. All seeds are planted at fingernail depth for top germination and fast emergence.

Larger Meter Box. Larger capacity than previous models. Made from 16 gauge material. 68% stronger than previous boxes. Brome box optional. Precision Fluted Feed Rolls in the seed meter cups meter out the precise amount of seed you need. Their accuracyallows you to seed the smallest seeds at the exact rates you want... as low as one-half pound per acre. Glass filled nylon meters face operator with rotation indicator decal on shafts for operator convenience. 12’ model seed meters have been increased 33% from 18 to 24 for improved seed distribution.

Notice the perfect seedbed, prepared and seeded the Brillion Sure Stand way. Each seed istucked to bed in the top half inch of the soil where it will germinate quickly and grow. The results? Thicker, more uniform stand with seed savings up to 50%...or more. Seedbed is left smooth and firm, small stones are pressed down.

62% 59%

44% % of seed germinating


Heavy-duty frame

ck removers, and 9.5L tires.





Brillion “Sure Stand”Seeders plant all of the seeds in the top 1/2” of the soil for maximum germination.

Micro-Meter Adjustment permits the precise metering of fine seeds with an infinite number of settings. Rates are selected by aligning markings on the adjusting nut to correspond with settings on the seed rate chart.

Floating Axles. Both front and rear axle assemblies are mounted on ball and socket joints. Letsroller wheels follow ground contour better and reduces wear on bearings and axles. The arms holding the rear roller section pivot at the end brackets to let the rear section float up and down independently. Wide Metal Deflectors prevent winds from blowing the seeds away. They guide the seed down between the roller wheels where the rear roller covers it in the top 1/2” of the soil. The new deflectorprofile improves seed distribution across the full width of the seeder.

High Strength Rollers. Roller wheels are made of 34,000 lb. tensile strength gray iron, cast in Brillion’s modern electric foundry under strict quality control. These wheels (2” wide) prepare a perfect seedbed and control seeding depth. Wheel notches form small pockets in the soil to catch and hold moisture. Two styles offront wheels are available.

MODEL SS-8 SSP-8 SS-10 SSP-10 SS-12 SSP-12 HITCH TYPE Pull 3 Pt. Pull 3 Pt. Pull 3 Pt. METER BOX CAPACITY 3 1/2 Bu. 3 1/2 Bu. 4 3/8 Bu. 4 3/8 Bu. 5 1/4 Bu. 5 1/4 Bu. BROME BOX CAPACITY 3 1/2 Bu. 3 1/2 Bu. 4 3/8 Bu. 4 3/8 Bu. 5 1/4 Bu. 5 1/4 Bu. FRONT WHEEL Std. Std. Std. Std. Std. Std. ROLLING WIDTH 8’ 8’ 10’ 10’ 12’ 12’ OVERALL WIDTH 11’ 1” 9’ 6”...
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