Complicity of global financial crisis

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TITLE The complicity of the financial Crisis in 2008

The constant growth in economic and technology have increased the economic-cultural social boundaries beyond the boundaries that characterize globalization, which has not eliminated hunger of the people of endemic poverty illiteracy, human trafficking, and veiled forms of slavery, but rather seems to increase proportionally.From the standpoint of economic, social and political people have not achieved their expected development consisting of equal participation in international economic process, its evolution towards society’s solidarity and consolidation of democratic regimes can ensure a minimum of freedom and peace.
It is possible that studying the various economic concepts meaning of development and address thenature of the crisis is happening in our time we get to facilitate the interpretation of the development model to follow.
The economy is conceived as a discipline that facilitates the management of scarce resources, in order to ensure the satisfaction of basic needs of society, but is now limited to justify the accumulation of wealth and charitable activities, meaning it as to what is left.
a.Attention getter
Do you know why the government is not given anymore scholarships, why taxes increase every year, and the most common question why we are in global financial crisis if we are the most powerful country? ***
b. Reason your audience would be interested in this topic
Because is interest how affect us, know why are in crisis, the facts
c. Establish credibility
The fact that thecountry was in a recession in 2008, the high prices, the war, and the collapse of the stock market. ***
d. Thesis statement
The financial crisis in the United States was created by among the main factors like high prices for raw materials, the overvaluation of the product, a global food crisis and energy, high inflation and the threat of global recession worldwide and a credit crisis trust andmortgage markets.

1. Preview of Main Ideas
A. How success the financial crisis in 2008.
B. Welcome to Caos
C. Impact sociality.
Transition to the body of the subject
II. Body
a. How success the financial crisis in 2008.
_ More than three years, the March 14, 2007, the first sign of gave warning Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) when he revealed the number of defaults in the mortgageindustry in the U.S. (about six million contracts of 600,000 million dollars) reached its highest point in seven years. In October of that year the crisis subprime 2 mortgages became evident, the repercussions are showed severely since early 2008, infecting first
the U.S. financial system and then the international one. This acute liquidity crisis brought other economic phenomena, such as a globalfood crisis, as well as several landslides in the stock market (stock market crash of January 2008 stock market crash World October 2008). Overall, a wide economic crisis internationally. Since then the world is not the same.
_The United States, the world's largest economy, came in 2008 with a credit and mortgage crisis that hit the housing bubble coming strong to suffer, and an abnormally lowvalue of the dollar. The outbreak of the economic crisis of 2008 can be set officially in August 2007 when the central banks had to intervene to provide liquidity to the banking system '. After several months of weakness and loss of jobs, the phenomenon collapsed between 2007 and 2008, causing the collapse of fifty banks and financial institutions. This collapse dragged down stock prices andconsumption and saving capacity of the population.

In September 2008, problems were exacerbated by the bankruptcy of several financial institutions related to real estate mortgage market, like Lehman Brothers, mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac or AIG. The U.S. government intervened by injecting hundreds of billions of dollars to save some of these entities.

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