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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2011
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1 - My favorite restaurant
I like to eat in places where I feel comfortable, pleased and where you can enjoy good food and quiet, I've always loved eating at restaurants, which have a colonial stylemixed with a good classical music or live musicians playing a bolero. It is very relaxing and satisfying places to eat well, to feel in harmony.

I remember a year ago, opened a restaurant veryimportant and something expensive in a foreign area to Cienfuegos - Cuba, were entries with advance reservations, really cost me much effort in, but I found a friend at the entrance and helped me getwithout reservation, when it comes wow I was impressed, it was a beautiful place in the old style as I like myself, had many waiters and waitresses, classical music, great decor and very expensive dish,or to talk about food, it was exquisite and very well done.

No doubt that restaurant was a dream, and I found out that it was closed, unfortunately no longer exists, but that was the best nightI've spent in a restaurant, since that night that was my favorite restaurant.

2 - Entertainment in Guayaquil
The city of Guayaquil is a very beautiful city, full of beautiful places, nightclubs, andbeautiful women, the nights in this city are fun, salts, and can chat with friends, go dancing, go to a movie, go to the boardwalk, walk to the rocks, among other exciting places in the city.

Ilike to get 2 or 3 times a month, mainly at night on Saturdays, I usually clubs in Plaza Aventura (Urdesa), there is a special one, which I always called BLOOM, then put reggaeton music, electronics ,salsa, etc.. many young women are very beautiful and as many people know there's always a good, my friends always ask one or two bottles of rum and Coke and prepare the drink called a Cuba Libre, manyfriends get drunk and not others, we get to dance with the women and then runs the club we go to eat at McDonald hamburgers or carts.

Always a great time in this beautiful city, nights here are...
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