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Because there you can have your life’s holidays!

Our beachs are very famous for having the whitest sand that you have ever seen,and being cheap!

We offer many Hotels where you can spens the less money you imagine!
We are aware of every detail, this is a planned holiday where you are going to relax and enjoy, ofcourse!
We have activities for avery day, like riding, treking or if you prefer more exciting ones, you can choose doing extreme activities; connoeing or mountain bike. You choose,Hilton Hotel.
Here you have an entire World inside, a swimming pool, a fake Beach with sand and trees. A tennis court, a futbol pit, and voleyball court.. Of course, you canchoose the presidencial suitor a normal room. You will enjoy and get relaxed!

Sheraton Hotel.
You can choose the room you want to book. We are open whole year, but in winter holidays we offer a lot ofthings to do, typical things. Enjoying the changes of the winter tropical climate, or seeing the natural habitat of wildlife.

Treel Hotel.
Here you will find beautiful and comfortable rooms,where you have great views, incredibles ans extreme activities. We are associtated with a touristic agency, and we offer the lowest prices.

Cruise Hotel.
The cheapest prices youwill be offer, comfotable rooms, and beautiful fresh air, this is a place where you will feel conected with nature.

As you will have a lot of free time, we haveeverything planned for you.

• Trekking the mount Kampang, a very famous mount. Where you will see wild animals, in its natural habitat, also, we will go through the Fountainblew’s lake. And the talesays that at certain time of the day, its dead keper, goes out and screams at intruders.

• Riding will be a perfect couple choise. We go over all the jungles near the Beach at the afternoon, so...
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