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  • Publicado : 24 de febrero de 2010
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I want to talk about my fifteen years old party because it was a very special date for me. Since one year before of the party, my motherbegan to take me to different places to look for a hall and a church for my birthday.

The celebration was very amazing for me because it was like aprincess story, I felt very happy all the day and all the people were very special with me. The day began with a delicious breakfast which my brothers havehelped to cook to my mom. So that was a very special surprise for me. After that, my mother take me to the beauty parlor where a young lady combed my hairand make up my self. I was much moved because I looked very different that day and I was very impatient to wear my beautiful dress.

I came back to myhouse, and I dressed me because all was going to began. One of my chamberlains took me in a beautiful old car to take me some photographs. And after thathe took me to the church. I remember that was a beautiful mass and that I felt very happy to share that day of my life with Christ and with all the peoplethat was there in that moment. For me was a very significant moment.

At my party were all my friends and I sang my favorite song. I think that it wasthe moment when I felt more nervous but was one of the best moments too because I love sing and for me the music is a very important part of my life.After that I danced with my chamberlains and with all my friends. I didn´t sit in all the night. It was one of the most magical nights that I have had.
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