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  • Publicado : 11 de enero de 2012
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this composition I’m going to write about if work a lot can affect family life and free time activities.
On the one hand work a lot is negativefor family life because you don’t spend so much time with your family if you have an important work which requires a lot of time and its worsewhen you have children because if you arrive home late you can’t see them a lot and talk with them about his day what they have do at school orhelp them with their homework and play with them.
On the other hand if you don’t work sufficient time you can pay your house or your childrenschool, the holidays with your family or your free time activities so if you want all this thing you need to work for earn money and spend it withyour family in your little free time.
Secondly work a lot too influences in your free time because if you arrive home tired you don’t want to doanything and at the weekend you only want to rest at home and relax but if you work less time you could have more free time but too you win lessmoney although you can do cheaper activities.
In my opinion work a lot of time is negative for your family life and for your free time but ifyou want to do free time activities alone or with your family you need money so you need to work more time, I think it depends of each person andpeople choose if they prefer earn a lot of money and have less free time or work lees and spend more time with his family earning less money.