Comprensión de texto. ingl´es. principiantes.

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BELÉN PAULO|Hello! My name is Belén Pérez. I´m twenty-two years old | |Hi! My name is Paulo Dias and I´m Brazilian. I live in Río de |
|and I´m from Madrid, Spain. I´m a nurse. I work long hours||Janeiro near the sea- I love water sports! I teach music in a |
|but in my free time I do a lot of sport and I go shopping.| |school. I love music too! What else? I´m twenty-four yearsand |
|I study English because I want to work in London. | |I´m single. I study English because I like to meet people from |
|| |other countries |

|Hello! I´m a20-year-old Russian university student. I | |I´m Maria Szopen, twenty-one years old, and I´m from Warsaw, the|
|live with my family in Moscow. I study English because I | |capital ofPoland. I´m a hotel receptionist. In my free time I |
|want to meet other people around the world. My hobbies are| |go to the cinema and to the gym. I speak French, Polish and a ||computer games and the Internet. I speak Russian and a | |little English. I study English because of my job and for |
|little English. I nearly forgot-my name is Mikhael ||travel. |
|Pavlov. | ||

1. Complete the table:

|Name | | | | |
|Age |...
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