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  • Publicado : 19 de agosto de 2012
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Listening Comprehension
And Oral Production I

Sheyla Rojas Ramirez
Lesson Plan

June, 16th 2012

Lesson Plan: Pre-, While-, Post-Listening

LEVEL: Pre-IntermediateTEACHING AIDS: Movie “Dead Poets Society”, Photocopies of new vocabulary
LENGTH: 2 hours 30 minutes

Objective: To convey motivation and knowledge to students, about new vocabulary, idioms and someexamples of real life, through learning a foreign language this becomes more interesting. Pieces of advice are part of this movie, so it is important to learn the new vocabulary in order to understand themain topic.

First stage/ Pre-Listening

At this stage students should be learning new vocabulary with a list of new words (the list will have 10 new words at least followed by examples). Usingthis list they’ll pass to the board and write a sentence using the new word, buy this will happen as a competition between groups of 5 members. So they will work together to achieve points or sentences.The winner team will have a clue (the clue will provide information of the movie: what’ll it be seen? where will it be done? In an envelope)
Requested time: 15 minutes

Second stage/While-ListeningAt his stage learners should be prepared to watch the movie and to have a better understanding of the main topic, new vocabulary and idioms. Probably they won’t have an excellent understanding butthey certainly will learn new words while recording the movie.
Requested time: 2 hours

Third stage/ Post-Listening
At this stage learners have learned the main vocabulary, the main idea of themovie, they have a clearer view of the activities and they feel confidence to participate in this stage. So, students are going to do a brief text giving their opinion, what would they have done and whatwouldn’t they have done in the position of the main character, after that they will share it with the class
Requested time: 10 minutes

New vocabulary

* Dispel - to make (something, such...
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