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  • Publicado : 4 de diciembre de 2010
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To All Our Customers

Welcome to use our wheel loaders. Please conscientiously read the manual before driving the loader. In order to obtain the efficiency of the machine, prolong the service life and reduce the cost, please strictly observe the regulations of running-in period of the new loader, safety operation and regular maintenance. The knowledge of the structure, feature, usage,maintenance and etc. of the wheel loader is introduced in brief for operational reference. As our serial wheel loaders are improving from time to time, the product probably has some discrepancy from the contents mentioned in this manual. Please pay attention to it during using. We will not inform you specially. We sincerely hope that you will contribute your valuable opinion of the wheel loader, so thatwe can improve the quality of products. Please contact us in time if you have any problem when operating the machine, and we’ll provide you our service of quality immediately. The product conforms to Standard Q/CHL01.015-2007 Wheel Loader

COWDIN S.A. November 2009

2 / Manual of Operation and Maintenance - CW560

Manual of Operation and Maintenance - CW560 / 3

Respect Customers:Thanks for your purchase of Cowdin`s product. Our company successfully passed through the authentication of ISO14001 Environmental System on June 7, 2002, and became the first one as the green manufacturing enterprise which passed through the said authentication in domestic engineering machinery industry. In order to reduce affection upon the environment as can as possible during the period to use theproduct and to provide you better service, we sincerely hope you and your supervision upon our maintenance personnel in the courses of operation and maintenance of the product to follow stipulations as follows: I. During the course when the product is in operation, abnormal phenomena such as noise, excess tail gas, black smoke, over consumption of oil and leakage of all oil or liquid occur, youshould stop the operation and make examination, or contact our maintenance personnel to check and to remove trouble, can the operation then be started. It is strictly prohibited to operate the vehicle with trouble so as to make it heavier and to bring larger difficulties for maintenance, which will cause you to suffer unnecessary economic loss as well as waste of resource and pollution upon localair and soil. II. During the course when the product is in maintenance, if discharge of fuel, lubricant oil or hydraulic oil sis needed, please adopt the tray to collect waste oil. Do not discharge them directly on the ground. The replaced or obsolete parts should be sorted as per their materials. For example iron and steel scraps should be retrieved by the collection station and rubber or plasticscraps should be retrieved by local wastes treatment center. Do not litter them randomly to pollute environment. To protect the environment is to protect our homeland. To maintain ecological environment is to maintain our lives. If you regard the globe as the dustbin, can our own homeland be a piece of clean land? If green hills, clear water and blue sky are disappeared one by one, which kind ofexisting environment we shall leave for our offspring? It cannot take the sacrifice of environment as the

cost to develop economy. We have liability and responsibility to remold the nature and protect environment, and have ability and confidence to conquer the nature, however we have no any right to destruct ecology and pollute environment. To protect environment, it should start from you and I,and act from the small. COWDIN S.A.

4 / Manual of Operation and Maintenance - CW560

Manual of Operation and Maintenance - CW560 / 5


Diagram of CW 560 Transmission System Dimensions of CW 560 I. Application and Characteristics 1. Application 2. Characteristics II. Main Technical Performance and Parameters 1. Technical Performance 2. Main Size and Weight 3. Engine 4....