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Compressor 4
User Manual

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Welcome to Compressor About Compressor About the Compressor Documentation Additional Resources Getting Started Quickly Terms Used by Compressor Quick and Easy Compressor Workflow:Batch Template Method Quick and Easy Compressor Workflow: Manual Method Optional Tasks You Can Perform Before Submitting a Batch

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

27 Ways to Use Compressor 28 Typical Compressor Scenarios 29 Compressor Features 31 31 34 36 37 39 39 41 42 43 46 49 52 53 53 62 63 65 The Basic Transcoding Workflow Compressor Concepts and Terms Preparing Compressor for Transcoding with CustomSettings Choosing an Output Format Creating a Compressor Batch Viewing Transcoding Status Optional Compressor Shortcuts The Compressor Interface Compressor Windows and the Transcoding Workflow Creating and Managing Compressor Layouts Working with the Compressor Windows Batch Window Settings Tab Destinations Tab Inspector Window History Window Preview Window Apple Qmaster Sharing Window

Chapter 3Chapter 4


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Share Monitor Droplet Windows About Changing Values and Timecode Entries Keyboard Shortcuts

71 Setting Compressor Preferences 71 About Compressor Preferences 74 Using Compressor Preferences 77 77 81 89 92 95 96 99 100 102 103 103 105 106 107 108 111 111 116 118 120 127 130 133 133 134 134 135 136 136 Importing Source Media Files About the...
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