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1. Describe Todd’s lifestyle and personality before he met Mr. Arthur Denker.
He was a boy that was a really good student, and that was very interested in his future, and about what he was going todo with his life.
2. Describe Mr. Denker’s lifestyle and personality before he met Todd.
He was a normal person that liked to watch TV and give maintenance to his house, he was only worriedabout himself.
3. How did Todd meet Mr. Denker?
When they watched the theme about the holocaust, he was very interested and wanted to investigate a little bit more, then when he saw Mr. Denker inthe bus he recognized him from one of the photos of the German generals.
4. How did Todd “persuade” Mr. Denker to tell him the stories?
He thread him that if he dindt tell him about the storieshe will tell to the FBI because he still had charges against him.
5. What happened to Todd after he began listening to Mr. Denker’s stories?
He started to like a lot, and obsessed about thenazzis.
6. What influence did Todd have on Mr. Denker’s life?
Tod make him to remember the crimes that he did and make him to did again all the horrible things.
7. What influence did Mr. Denkerhave in Todd’s life?
He gave Tod a bad influence because he persuade him to make the same crimes that he did.
8. What do you think will happen to Todd in the future?
He will continue committingall the horrible crimes and will kill more people.
9. Do you think people are born evil or do you think the circumstances make them become evil?  Explain
I think that bad influences make peoplechange and make bad or good things, depending on the kind of influences.
10. Write about a time when a person became a bad influence to you or somebody you know.  What happened? 
When I was infirst semester of high school I had a friend that always persuade me do absence class and because of that I failed Engish.
11. What can you do to avoid being affected by people who can be a bad...
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