Compromising animal rights

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  • Publicado : 15 de septiembre de 2010
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Compromising Animal Rights

In the essay “The Evil of Animal Rights”, authors Alex Epsten and Yaron Brook cite a story from “The Wall Street Journal” about animal rightsfanatics that become terrorist against Huntingdon Life Sciences, a company that tests new medacl products on animals. The authors then develop a strong worded essay aboutextremesits against animal testing, and finish off with an opposite extreme conclusion stating that attributing rights to animals would demand human’s destruction. Their argument isfilled with shocking statemensts and sad truths, however, this essay is a complete fallacy that tries to use diction to shape one’s mind. Giving rights to animals will never destroyhumans and thinking that animals should have rights is not hatred against humans. Like Gary Fracione proposed in his article for The New Scientist It is absurd to give animalshuman rights but it is possible to give animals the right to not be treated as human property”.
My parents lived in the country, they raised chickens, rabbits, and every yearfor Christmas they had the traditional pig killing. I was born and raised in the city, therefore I only got to see city animals such as cats, dogs, ants, flies. In our visits tomy parent’s hometown, I had my first interaction with what I considered a “real” animal; Chato, My Granpa’s donkey. After every supper I went out with Chato because it made medesperately sad to see him there; alone. I hated the idea of seeing him as my grandpa did, as a working tool. For some reason I developed a great affection for Chato. I enjoyedriding him, playing with him, or just watching him in his small stable full As the years passed I forgot all about Chato because I didn’t quite enjoyed going to the ranch
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