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Second Partial Activity 3. Software Copyright, Software Piracy |
Previous activities |
* Read Chapter 3, Section C from the textbook, pp. 143-151, 170-171 |
Content |
2.2. BuyingSoftware 2.2.1. Software Suites 2.2.2. Copyrights 2.2.3. Licenses |
Overview |
When you purchase software it doesn’t mean that you own the software, you are buying the rightto use it. The rights granted to the copyright holder include the right to copy, distribute, or sell the software, and to modify the software, meanwhile rights granted to the user of copyrightedmaterials include use of the software on the user’s computer (including installing the software on the hard drive and making a back-up copy). |
Required material |
* Laptop * Book and CD |Estimated time |
* Previous readings: 30 minutes * Class activities: 100 minutes |
Delivery method |
* Corresponding Assignment space according to teacher instructions |
Instructions /steps |
1. LOCATE the following concepts within your book (pp. 143-151, 170-171): * Places where software can be bought- * Software copyright – is a form of legal protection that grants the authorof an original work an exclusive right to copy, distribute, sell. * Software license- is a legal contract that defines the ways in which you may use a computer program * Single-user,multiple-user and concurrent-user licenses- single user is one person at a time, multiple-user is priced per user and allows the allocated number of people to use software at any time * EULA – is a displayon-screen when you first install software * Public domain software- is not protected by copyright because expired or author place it in a public domain. * Proprietary software- has restrictions onits use that are delineated by copyright, patents, or license agreements. * Commercial software- is sold in computer stores or websites * Demoware -available as a trial version, distributed for...
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