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Unidad 4, Simple past tense.

Texts taken from: “The Last 500 years”. Usborne World History. Scholastic Inc.

In the 18th century, manychanges began to take place in the way that people lived and worked in Britain. These changes spread across the world, and together they became known as the IndustrialRevolution. In 1700 most people in Britain lived in villages worked out farms, but others worked at home, spinning wool and cotton thread, then weaving the thread into cloth.This way of life began to change in the 1700s, when British inventors of first designed machines that could spin and weave cloth very quickly, the machines were toobig and expensive for people to use at home, so wealthy businessman built factories that could hold lost of machines.

Steam power At first, running water was used toturn the wheels that made the machines work, near rivers, so all the factories had to be built near rivers. Then in 1782, James Watt invented a powerful engine that wasdriven by steam. Hundred of these new steam-engines were built to run machines in factories all over Britain.

Busy town soon grew up around the factories, and thousand ofpeople moved out of their villages to work on the new machines. People had to work very long hours, and many workers were injured while using the machines.

Mininggoal Steam for the new engines came from boiling water, and huge amounts of coal were needed to heat the water.

Deep coal mines were dug, and men, women and childrenworked in the mines. Working underground was very dangerous, and many people were killed or injured.

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