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Personal pronouns Possessive adjectives Nouns
I my my –Pen is red
You your your –book is yellow
He his his-pencil is heavy
She her her-bookshelf is deanIt its its -house is dirty
We our our –hospital big
You you your –homework is bad
They their there –dayroom is ugly

Preset progressive
I am studding for my subject
You are swimmingin your pool
He is darning in her party

“Possession (`) Apostrophe

The house of my mother is big
My mother`s house is big
The dog of my sister is brave
My sister´s dog is brave
The notebook ofErick is very well
The Erick´s notebook is very well

Persona´st + noun + verb + c
The book of my brother is big My brother´s book is big
The dog of Gabriel is braveThe Gabriel´s dog is brave

Some=Affirmative There is=singular=1
Any =negative, interrogative There are=plural=2+
The is a black desk in the classroom
The is an eraser on the desk
Theare many lamps in the school

The is a black desk in the classinom
Is there a black desk in the classinom
There are not any lamps in the schoolAren`t few

There is a black desk in the classroom
There isn´t a black deskin the classroom
Is there a black desk in the classroom?

There is an eraser an the desk
There isn´t an eraser an thedesk
Is there an eraser an the school?

There are few lamps in the school
There aren´t few lamps in the school
Are there few lamps in the school?

Demonstrative Adjective / Pronouns
These –plural=2+
That --singular=1
“Adjectives demonstratives”
This pen is black
That book is old
This window is broken
These chars are black“Demonstrative Pronouns”
This one is yellow
That one is new
This one is dirty
These are white
Those are sad
1-one 12-twelve 100-onehundred
2-two 13-thirteen 1,000-onethousand
3-three 14-fourteen...
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