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Browser-Safe Color Palette
Browser-Safe Colors
Three hardware components help deliver color to a computer user: the processor, the video card, and the monitor. Because of the wide varietyof components that exist, the color quality that users see varies greatly. The software on a user’s computer, specifically the Web browser, also affects the way that color is displayed on a monitor. ForWeb developers, it is the browser that limits color significantly. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to plan for all possible color variations created by a Web browser. Using browser-safe colorsallows for the browser variations, but it also limits the number of colors used on the Web page. A total of 216 browser-safe colors appear well on different monitors, operating systems, andbrowsers—including both Windows and Macintosh operating systems and Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers. When using color on your Web site, keep in mind that using only the 216 browser-safe colors canbe very restrictive, especially for the approximately 10% of Web visitors who have 256-color monitors. On those monitors, only the browser-safe colors will be displayed. If you decide to use anon-browsersafe color, the visitor’s browser will try to create the color by combining (a process called dithering) any number of the 216 acceptable colors. The resulting color could be slightly differentfrom the color you had intended. For a complete list of the 216 browser-safe colors, see Table B–1 on the next page or visit the Shelly Cashman Series HTML Web page ( and click ColorChart. Links to other Web sites with information about browser-safe colors also are available. Note that you can use the color name as well as the color number when identifying a particular color touse. For instance, you can use the number #000099 (see color sample on the following page) or the word “navy” to specify the same color. Also note that to comply with XHTML standards, color names...
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