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PIC Simulator IDE BASIC Compiler Reference Manual
Table Of Contents: General info Show Warnings, Do Not Compile Unused Code, Initialize Variables On Declaration, About variables Dim, As, Bit, Byte, Word, Long, Reserve, .HB, .LB, .HW, .LW, Symbol, True, False, Const, Pointer, ASM, WREG, Mathematical and logical operations Mod, Sqr, Not, And, Or, Xor, Nand, Nor, Nxor, High, Low, Toggle, StandardBasic language elements Goto, For, To, Step, Next, While, Wend, If, Then, Else, Endif, Select Case, Case, EndSelect, Halt, Subroutines End, Gosub, Return, Microcontroller related language elements Config, Input, Output, AllDigital, Define, CONF_WORD, CONF_WORD_2, CLOCK_FREQUENCY, EEPROM, Special Basic language elements WaitMs, WaitUs, SIMULATION_WAITMS_VALUE, Break, ShiftLeft, ShiftRight, LookUp,Count, COUNT_MODE, FreqOut, Structured language support (procedures and functions) Proc, End Proc, Call, Exit, Function, End Function, Include, Using internal EEPROM memory Read, Write, Using internal A/D converter module Adcin, ADC_CLOCK, ADC_SAMPLEUS, Using interrupts Enable, Disable, On Interrupt, Resume, Save System, Serial communication using internal hardware UART Hseropen, Hserout, Hserin,Hserget, CrLf, Lf, ALLOW_MULTIPLE_HSEROPEN, ALLOW_ALL_BAUDRATES, Software UART implementation SEROUT_DELAYUS, Serout, Serin, SeroutInv, SerinInv, Interfacing character LCDs LCD_BITS, LCD_DREG, LCD_DBIT, LCD_RSREG, LCD_RSBIT, LCD_EREG, LCD_EBIT, LCD_RWREG, LCD_RWBIT, LCD_COMMANDUS, LCD_DATAUS, LCD_INITMS, LCD_READ_BUSY_FLAG, Lcdinit, Lcdout, Lcdcmdout, LcdClear, LcdHome (LcdLine1Home), LcdLine2Home,LcdDisplayOn, LcdDisplayOff, LcdCurOff, LcdCurBlink, LcdCurUnderline, LcdCurBlinkUnderline, LcdLeft, LcdRight, LcdShiftLeft, LcdShiftRight, LcdLine1Clear, LcdLine2Clear, LcdLine1Pos, LcdLine2Pos, Lcddefchar, LcdLine3Home, LcdLine4Home, LcdLine3Clear, LcdLine4Clear, LcdLine3Pos, LcdLine4Pos, LCD_LINES, LCD_CHARS,


I2C communication with external I2C devices I2CWrite, I2CRead, I2CWrite1,I2CRead1, I2CREAD_DELAYUS, I2CCLOCK_STRETCH, I2CPrepare, I2CStart, I2CStop, I2CSend, I2CRecA (I2CReceiveAck), I2CRecN (I2CReceiveNAck), Support for Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) communication SPI_SCK_REG, SPI_SCK_BIT, SPI_SDI_REG, SPI_SDI_BIT, SPI_SDO_REG, SPI_SDO_BIT, SPI_CS_REG, SPI_CS_BIT, SPICLOCK_INVERT, SPICS_INVERT, SPICLOCK_STRETCH, SPIPrepare, SPICSOn, SPICSOff, SPISend, SPIReceive,SPISendBits, Interfacing graphical LCDs with 128x64 dot matrix GLCD_DREG, GLCD_RSREG, GLCD_RSBIT, GLCD_EREG, GLCD_EBIT, GLCD_RWREG, GLCD_RWBIT, GLCD_CS1REG, GLCD_CS1BIT, GLCD_CS2REG, GLCD_CS2BIT, GLcdinit, GLcdclear, GLcdpset, GLcdpreset, GLcdclean, GLcdposition, GLcdwrite, GLcdout, GLcdin, GLcdcmdout, Using internal PWM modules PWMon, PWMoff, PWMduty, Interfacing Radio Control (R/C) servos ServoIn,ServoOut, Interfacing Stepper Motors STEP_A_REG, STEP_A_BIT, STEP_B_REG, STEP_B_BIT, STEP_C_REG, STEP_C_BIT, STEP_D_REG, STEP_D_BIT, STEP_MODE, StepHold, StepCW, StepCCW, Interfacing 1-WIRE devices 1WIRE_REG, 1WIRE_BIT, 1wireInit, 1wireSendBit, 1wireGetBit, 1wireSendByte, 1wireGetByte, DS18S20Start, DS18S20ReadT, Advanced features StartFromZero,

● General info Basic compiler editor is composedof editor panel (for user program editing) and source explorer (for easy navigation through all elements of user program - variables, symbols, constants, subroutines, procedures and functions). Editor formats and colorizes entered lines of user program, that simplifies the debugging process. The primary output of the compiler is an assembler source file. However, with an appropriate command fromthe menu it can be assembled and even loaded in the simulator with a single click. Menu commands and options are rich, as well as the commands from the right-click popup menus for the editor and source explorer. Basic compiler's assembler output contains many useful comment lines, that makes it very helpful for educational purposes, also. Show Warnings If Show Warnings option is enabled, in the...
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