Computer aided dispatch

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  • Publicado : 13 de octubre de 2010
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Computer Aided Despatch (CAD)
2014 A computer aided despatch (CAD) system provides one or more of the primary command and control functions of:
a) call taking, accepting and verifying incidentdetails including location;
b) resource identification, determining which ambulance to send;
c) resource mobilisation, communicating details of the incident to the appropriate ambulance to bedespatched;
d) ambulance resource management, primarily the positioning of suitably equipped and staffed vehicles to minimise
response times.
2015 In addition a CAD system will provide management informationto assess performance and help in medium and long
term resource management and planning.
2016 Depending on the functions to be performed a CAD system consists of a combination of:
a) CAD software;b) CAD hardware;
c) gazetteer and mapping software;
d) communication interface (RIFS);
e) radio system;
f) mobile data terminals (MDTs);
g) automatic vehicle location system (AVLS).

LondonAmbulance Service (LAS)

LAS has attempted to introduce computer aided despatch on two occasions. The first project started in the early 1980s
and a preliminary contract to supply a system withoutmobile data, but including a new radio infrastructure, was signed
with IAL. The design specification was changed in 1989 to include mobile data. The project was abandoned in the
autumn of 1990 afterload test performance criteria could not be met.

LAS carries over 5,000 patients every day. It receives between 2,000 and 2,500 calls daily; this includes between 1,300
and 1,600 999 calls.

Theconcept behind the system design was to create, as far as possible, a totally automated system whereby the majority
of calls to CAC would result in an automatic allocation proposal of the mostsuitable ambulance resource. Only in the
most complex cases would a human allocator need to identify and allocate the best resource. All other allocations
would be done by the original control...
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