Computer application for hospitality and tourism- study guide

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Match the following cities and states with their corresponding airport code.

1. San Francisco, CA A. BGR
2. Albuquerque, NM B. DSM
3. Bangor, ME C. FAT
4. Charleston, SC D. MIA
5. Detroit, MI E. SPS
6. Des Moines, IA AB. DTW
7. Fresno, CA AC. SFO
8. Petersburg, AK AD. CHS
9. Wichita Falls, TX AE. ABQ
10. Miami, FL BC. PSG

What is theairline code for the following airlines?

11. American Airlines A. BA
12. Air China B. UA
13. Air France C. EK
14. Air Jamaica D. AZ
15. Air One E. JM
16. Alaska Airlines AB. AS
17. Alitalia AC. AF
18. British Airways AD. CA
19. Emirates AE. AA
20. United Airlines BC. AP

Identify which of the following divisions would perform the taskslisted.

21. Create an ad for the new restaurant menu A. Rooms
22. Develop emergency procedures B. Food and beverage
23. Meet and greet guests C. Marketing and sales
24. Create a new room service menu D. Human resources
25. Administer health insurance benefits E. Security

Choose the best answer to each of the following questions.

26. Which of the following is often acharacteristic of an extended stay hotel?
A. Several kinds of food and beverage services.
B. Recreational and exercise facilities.
C. Conference and meeting room.
D. Variable room rates determined by length of stay.
27. Bed and breakfast hotels usually feature:
A. Special activities such as tennis and horseback riding
B. Intimate, personal service.
C. Short drives to the airport.
D. Enough roomsto support business meetings.
28. Which of the following types of hotel tend to have several owners of each unit?
A. Casino hotels.
B. Resort hotels.
C. Vacation ownership hotels.
D. Condominium hotels.
29. Which of the following types of hotels are most likely to employ a concierge?
A. World-class service hotels.
B. First-class service hotels.
C. Mid-range service hotels.
D.Economy/limited service hotels.
30. Which of the following types of hotels are most likely to offer individual bathrobes to guests?
A. World-class service hotels.
B. Economy/limited service hotels.
C. Mid-range service hotels.
D. Quality service hotels.
31. In a large full-service hotel, the catering director is most likely to report to:
A. The catering sales manager.
B. The director of marketingand sales.
C. The food and beverage director.
D. The front office manager.
32. Which of the following departments is the least likely to be part of the rooms division?
A. Housekeeping.
B. Uniformed services.
C. Front office.
D. Engineering and maintenance.
33. All of the following areas of a hotel are revenue centers except:
A. The front office department.
B. The housekeeping department.C. The food and beverage department.
D. The hotel-operated gift shop.
34. Which of the following areas of a hotel is a support center?
A. Hotel-operated gift shop
B. Food and beverage department.
C. Housekeeping department.
D. Front office department.
35. Inspectors, housepersons, and laundry workers are employed in:
A. The housekeeping department.
B. The engineering department.
C. Thefront desk.
D. The marketing and sales division.

Mark A if the statement is true. Mark B if the statement is false.

36. Businesses that encourage customers to wait for an available service are managing supply.
37. Level-capacity strategy is a strategy in which the same amount of capacity is offered, no matter how high the consumer demand.
38. Businesses that cannot inventory or storetheir products or services for future use are usually capacity-constrained businesses.
39. The most common method used to influence demand is payroll control.
40. A cruise ship that calls on ports in the Caribbean in the winter and Alaska in the summer is managing supply.

Choose the best answer for each of the following questions:

41. Klaus was turned away from the Dew Drop Inn because they...
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