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Information technology (IT) is the design, development, implementation, support, and management of computer hardware and software applications. An IT professional is knowledgeable about computer systems and operating systems. Training and experience will qualify a technician to service these computers and personal electronic devices. You will gain the specialized technical skills needed toinstall, maintain, and repair computers. Earning an industry-standard certification will give you confidence and increase your opportunities in IT.
Information Technology (IT) is a term that encompasses the relationship between hardware, software, networks, and technical assistance provided to users. IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software covers the information that a technician needs to besuccessful in IT. This course covers the following topics:
• Personal computers
• Safe lab procedures
• Troubleshooting
• Operating systems
• Laptop computers
• Printers and scanners
• Networks
• Security
• Communication skills
A technician may continue to study and earn the following certifications:
• CCNA – Cisco Certified Networking Associate
• CCNP – Cisco Certified NetworkingProfessional
• CCIE – Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert
• CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional
• MCP – Microsoft Certified Professional
• MCSA – Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
• MCSE – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
• Network+ – CompTIA Network Certification
• Linux+ – CompTIA Linux Certification
IT certifications can be used as creditsfor university and college degrees in areas such as computer science and telecommunications.
A computer system consists of hardware and software components. Hardware is the physical equipment such as the case, storage drives, keyboards, monitors, cables, speakers, and printers. The term software includes the operating system and programs. The operating system instructs the computer how to operate.These operations may include identifying, accessing, and processing information. Programs or applications perform different functions. Programs vary widely depending on the type of information that will be accessed or generated. For example, instructions for balancing a checkbook are very different from instructions for simulating a virtual reality world on the Internet.
The computer caseprovides protection and support for the internal components of the computer. All computers need a power supply to convert alternating-current (AC) power from the wall socket into direct-current (DC) power. The size and shape of the computer case is usually determined by the motherboard and other internal components.
A computer case contains the framework to support the internal components of a computerwhile providing an enclosure for added protection. Computer cases are typically made of plastic, steel, and aluminum and are available in a variety of styles.

The power supply must provide enough power for the components that are currently installed and allow for additional components that may be added at a later time. The power supply, converts alternating-current (AC) power coming from awall outlet into direct-current (DC) power, which is a lower voltage. DC power is required for all of the components inside the computer.
Most connectors today are keyed connectors. Keyed connectors are designed to be inserted in only one direction. Each part of the connector has a colored wire with a different voltage running through it, as seen in Figure 2. Different connectors areused to connect specific components to various ports on the motherboard:
• A Molex connector is a keyed connector used to connect to an optical drive or a hard drive.
• A Berg connector is a keyed connector used to connect to a floppy drive. A Berg connector is smaller than a Molex connector.
• A 20-pin or 24-pin slotted connector is used to connect to the motherboard. The 24-pin slotted...
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