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TOPIC #1 Basic characteristics in presentations
1. Identify the following parts of a power point presentation.

2. What is a command?
Command: is a tool such as an icon, a button, or a list that tells PowerPoint to perform a specific task.
3. What is a dialog box launcher?
Dialog box launcher: a small arrow in the group’slower-right corner.
4. Which is the shortcut to create a new presentation?
By pressing Ctrl+N.
5. Mention the different New Slides layouts.
* Title slide
* Title and content
* Section header
* Two content
* Comparison
* Title only
* Blank
* Content with caption
* Picture with caption
6. Mention and describe the different forms in which you can print apresentation.
* Slides: When you select this option, PowerPoint shows you how the slides will look when printed one per page, using your current print settings.
* Handouts: A handout is a printed copy of your slides, which you can give to the audience. You can print handouts with up to nine slides on each sheet.
* Notes Pages: This view shows you how your slides and notes will appearwhen printed together. PowerPoint prints each slide and its associated notes on an individual page.
* Outline View: PowerPoint allows you to print only the text (the outline) of your presentation, without any graphics. This view shows you how the outline will appear when printed.

TOPIC #2 Working with text
1. How do you call the spacewhere a text is contained?
Boxes called placeholders.
2. What are fonts?
Fonts are sets of characters, numbers, and symbols in a specific style or design, sometimes also called typefaces.
3. Which are the two groups of text formatting tools on the Ribbon?
The Font group and the Paragraph group.
4. What is used for the format painter?
To copy formats from one text item to another onthe same slide or on another slide.
5. Where do you find the format painter?
Home tab; Clipboard group
6. How do you call the tool used to change the text direction in a text box
Text direction
7. Where do you find the text direction?
Home tab, Paragraph group

TOPIC #3 Designing a presentation
1. What are Hyperlinks?
Linkson slides that allow you to jump from one slide to another or from a slide to a Web page.
2. Where do you find Hyperlinks?
Insert tab; Links group
3. Mention and describe the different options on creating links.
* Existing file or web page: to link to any Web page or any file on your system or network.
* Place in this document: to display a list of the current presentation’sslides and custom shows. Click the slide or custom show that you want to display when the link is clicked.
* Create new document: to create a link to a new document. You supply the path and the name for the new document and then choose whether to add content to the document now or later.
* Choose e-mail address: to key an e-mail address to which you want to link.
4. What are animations?Effects you apply to placeholders or other content to move the content in unique ways on the slide.
5. How can you star an effect?
* On Mouse Click: starts the effect when you click the mouse button. This gives you control over animations but can be tedious when you have to click repeatedly to display a bulleted list or the bars of a chart.
* With Previous: starts the effect at thesame time as the previous effect. Using this option can prevent delays from occurring between animations.
* After Previous: starts the effect after the previous effect (either an animation or transition) has ended.
6. What is a header?
A text that is repeated at the top of each slide in a presentation used to create notes pages and handouts.
7. What is a footer?
A text that is...
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