Computers and the impact on society

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Computers and the Impact on Society

I chose this topic because I have always liked computers. I live in the new era where I’m surrounded by them and I use them. These is a really interesting topic because it helps us understand the impact computers have on our society and makes us think if its something positive or negative? What can we use the computer for? If we have hightechnology computer what will the future bring?

As we know, computers have being a really big impact since they first came out. The idea of having a computer at home was unbelievable, and the only ones who had the pleasure to own them at first, were big companies and the government. With our world changing and technology moving forward, it became accessible to any individual. Thisbecame a huge success worldwide bringing new resources and a new lifestyle. Nowadays we use the computer almost for any task daily and we can’t even see ourselves without one. How is it that millions of years ago, they did not have one but it didn’t matter? We use computers for everything, in our jobs, at home, and most of all as a way of communication. Computers have helped us in every waypossible, but is it helping us in a good way or a bad way? Is it making our life simpler or more complicated? Could we live without them?. Computers make our life easier in every aspect and that is a god thing, but for some people is bad. This is making us to rely more on computers instead of doing things by our own. It seems that we cant live without them now that we use it for almost every task we doand almost everywhere.

I. Introduction
II. The positive effects

a. Communication
b. Educational purposes
c. Business improvement

III. Negative effects

a. Inappropriate content for children
b. No safety, stalking, hacking.
c. Distraction

IV. Social impacts of computers
a. Impact ofcomputers on economy.
b. Dependence of society on computers.
c. Computers of the future and the society.

V. Conclusion

VI. Bibliography

Humans have always communicated. In the beginning of mankind, man and woman used speech and bodylanguages.  Nowadays, we also use telecommunication technology for communication. During the relative short era of computers we have developed languages and rules for communication between them. These languages and rules are called protocols. The most well known protocol is IP, used in the Internet. The success of the Internet has been tremendous. The original design of the Internet protocolshas scaled to a worldwide network with millions of computers interconnected by wires and optical fibers. A social network service focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people who share interests and activities. A social network service essentially consists of a representation of each user (often a profile), his/her social links, and a variety of additionalservices. Social networking sites allow users to share ideas, activities, events, and interests within their individual networks.
The computer technology has a deep impact on education. Computer education forms a part of the school and college curricula, as it is important for every individual today, to have the basic knowledge of computers. The advantages of computers in education include an efficientstorage and rendition of information, quick information processing and very importantly the saving of paper. Computer teaching plays a key role in the modern systems of education. Students find it easier to refer to the Internet than searching for information in fat reference books. The process of learning has gone beyond learning from prescribed textbooks. Today, aspirers can satiate their...
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