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This book is about a woman of 43 years, she was a woman successful in her career but insecure and unhappy in her personal life. She decided to go traveling on a luxurycruise but she low in Hong Kong then up again but she never returned.
Three years afterwards, a radio presenter made a program about the disappearance of women, in this program a woman called anddid not want to say her name then she says she met on a cruise to a man who gave her a ring that said "you belong to me” but she refused to abandon ship and never seen again, but Regina's mother heardthe program and came to the office of Susan Chandler, because she found a similar ring on her daughter's things and Susan began to suspect something bad was happening.


Its about adoctor who’s name is Susan she is being followed by a ghost that hides in the closet.
She wants’ to investigate about it but she realizes that the ghost its ganna kill those people who willsupport her.
As she gets closer to uncovering his identity, she realizes almost too late that the hunter has become the hunted, and Susan herself is marked for murder.
Then she decides touse her radio camera to film the phenomenon that its following her.
Soon she finds herself in a race against time. But he seems intent on eliminating anyone who can possibly connect him toSusan's investigation.


Is about a woman who had 43 years and was sad about her personal life, but with much success in her career. So she decided to go traveling on aluxury cruise ship, she gets off the cruise in Hong Kong and said they would return later but she never returned.

Years later a presenter named Susan chandler dedicate a program on thedisappearance of women, then an unidentified woman said she met a man on a cruise and gave her a ring that said "you belong to me" she does not accept down with him and never seen again.

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