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Hello, good morning we are three students that we have realized a work on the compulsive consumers.
We are Alice Ji, Canadian, Paloma Gracés, Spanish and myAgustin Llanas from Spain.
Paloma begins
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What is compulsive buying?
Most of us enjoy buying. We see it as a hobby routine, the outputs to purchase large areas are as commonas they were the "picnics" a generation ago. Shopping is a normal and routine experience for most people. However, for some, buying in excess, has become a painful and irresistible lifestyle. We referto compulsive shoppers.

Compulsive buying: it belongs to the category, mentioned above, disorder of impulse control. They defined compulsive buying as "chronic, repetitive purchasing that becomesthe primary response to negative events or emotions, it becomes very difficult to stop and ultimately results in harmful consequences It consists of the excessive desire, uncontrolled and recurrentfor purchasing things.

The age of onset ranges from 18 to 30 years, and the average age ranges from 31 to 39 years.

Factors contributing to the origin and maintenance of shopping addiction arethe existence of life dissatisfaction, frustration and other psychological problems that seek out and project through the consumption and acquisition of new things.
An instinct to buy becomesuncontrollable and all-consuming; an addiction to spending irrationally & frequently.

Today's society: although greater prevalence among women, still cannot pinpoint a single profile, because thereare several factors that develop such dependence.

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Consumerism in relation to Maslow's pyramid
If bear the open to criticism ofthe theory in mind, the approach Maslow is used openly in the strategies of marketing used in the advertising.
The advertising, it is a way that uses many persuasive procedures in the products of...
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