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Legacy Honeywell DCS Migration
Replace Your Legacy Honeywell TDC2000 or TDC3000 System by Plugging In a Brand-New, Low-Cost, No-Risk I/A Series System


Your legacy Honeywell TDC2000 or TDC3000 system needs to be replaced, but you cannot afford the high cost, the high risk, and the lengthy process downtime. Only the Invensys OperationsManagement migration solution was designed with these needs in mind. The Foxboro® I/A Series® System is the most intelligent automation solution on the planet. It boasts the industry’s highest uptime availability record. It offers state-of-theart operating systems, workstations, control software, and high-speed communications. Plus its InFusion™ architecture leverages the latest technologies fromInvensys and third-party suppliers, today and tomorrow.


Foxboro manufactures its standard I/A Series I/O modules to be one-for-one, form-fit replacements for your legacy TDC2000 or TDC3000 I/O modules. We install these modules into your existing cabinets and racks without moving a single process wire or increasing your system footprint. They line up exactlywith your I/O points. We add our own network connectors and add new I/A Series controllers and workstations, resulting in a 100% new I/A Series system. Substantial construction costs and lengthy process downtimes caused by rewiring to new cabintets are eliminated, and installation is reduced to a matter of hours. And we warranty the entire system, including leftover legacy components, as a newsystem.

I/A Series I/O modules in a Honeywell form factor

you the ability to better manage your assets

• Manufactured to be form-fit replacements for your legacy TDC2000 or TDC3000 I/O modules • Our HART capable replacement modules provide information from intelligent devices and give • Meets or exceeds originalspecifications • Supports basic, extended, and multifunction controllers • Supports all IOPs for PM, APM, and HPM • Supports high-level & low-level process interface • Requires no new cabinets, racks, termination assemblies, or power supplies • Keeps all process wiring in place – unchanged • Eliminates I/O mapping issues • Improves reliability by providing redundant communications to every I/Omodule – no single point of failure • Protects you with full system warranty on all new and remaining legacy equipment
“I/A Series I/O modules are manufactured to be plug-in replacements for the original legacy system I/O modules. We believe that the Foxboro Plug-In migration solution minimizes cost, risk, and process downtime when doing a system replacement. The solution preserves field wiringand can be installed in a matter of hours with little custom engineering, and is easily reversible if the user wishes to revert to the old control scheme.” —Larry O’Brien, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group


Database conversion and testing are performed offline, in our Migration Center of Excellence, by engineers expert in Honeywell TDC2000 or TDC3000 databaseconversions. Automated tools assist them in converting your control logic and displays to I/A Series format. A full system Factory Acceptance Test is performed ahead of time, to ensure that all conversions are done properly. Our motto is - test, test, and test again. Our goal is to ensure that nothing will impact your ability to start your process back up on time. What about optimization? Our expertscan help you improve the performance of your new system, taking advantage of the I/A Series advanced control capability.


New workstations and controllers are put in place ahead of time alongside your Honeywell equipment. Then, on the day the switch over is to occur, the process is shut down, we plug-in the I/A Series I/O modules, attach the network connectors to...
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