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Hats On Level 3: Scope and Sequence
Unit Language Structures
What’s your name? My name is … Do you have (a pencil)? I have (a pencil). I’m ready for (school). What’s missing? I’m a (teacher). (Sam) is a (boy). How many (boys)? What’s the first letter in (your name)? It’s nice to meet you. What do you have? Do you want to (play)? Let’s (play). (The boy) has (a book). Who has the letter (Bb) intheir name? Do we have (wheels)? We have (a train). Me, too. Where is (my leg)? It’s (on) the (table). Here (it is). How many (legs) do you have? (A bear) has (four) (legs). Which (toy) do you like? I like the (blue) (ball). What color is (the parrot)? (The parrot) is (green). What do you like to do? I like (to run). Do you like (to dance)? Yes, I do. No, I don’t. How are you? What’s next? You like(me).

backpack, balloon, bike, boat, book, box, chair, crayon, game, glasses, glue stick, hat, hill map, marker, notebook, paper clip, pencil, school, table, train, wheel, window, baby, boy, girl, kid, mom, teacher, bear, monkey, circle, square, triangle, come back, count, go, make, measure, play, run away, name, some, yes, no, hello, hi, numbers 1–10, the alphabet arm, back, ear,eye, finger, hair, hand, head, knee, leg, mouth, nose, shoulder, tail, toe, tummy, dog, lion, parrot, turtle, ball, car, lamp, lock, paper, pen, playdough, potato, towel, toy, climb, dance, draw, go to bed, hop, read, run, sing, stand on my head, swing, black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow, white, chain, pattern, dress, on, under bird, bug, duck, fish, fox, frog, snake, fin,teeth, beach, bottom, doll, door, hole, log, rock, sand, sea, shell, sock, sun, catch, dig, find, help, stop, swim, cup, donut, orange, sandwich, dad, big, little, bigger, fast, faster, long, longer, sad, thin, thinner, round, in

Content Areas
Early Literacy: the letters Bb, Gg, and Mm; the alphabet Social Studies: greetings; introductions; invitations Math: non-standard measurement; numbers 1–10Unit 1 I’m Ready for School

Unit 2 Let’s Play

Early Literacy: the letters Ll, Pp, and Tt Health: body parts; movements Science: color-mixing; sounds Art: self-portraits; models Math: sorting; graphs; patterns Early Literacy: the letters Dd, Ff, and Ss Science: wet and dry; speed Math: classifying by size, shape, and color; addition Art: crayon paintings; fish

Unit 3 At the BeachThere is (one) (little) (shell). There are (seven) (big) (shells). How many (shells) are there (altogether)? There is (sand) / are (shells) at the (beach). What can you (do at the beach)? Can you (dig)? I / We can (catch fish) in the (sea). May I (have a donut), please? Here you are. Thank you. You’re welcome. What shape is (a donut)? Which (fish) is (bigger)? This is (the tail). These are (the fins).This (rock) is (little). These (rocks) are (big). Who is (faster)? I help (my dad). I / We (set the table). Who is this? Are you (a helper)? Yes, I’m (a helper). I’m / He / She’s in the (kitchen). What is (Mom) doing? He / She’s (reading). What are you doing? I’m (cooking). (The whales) are (swimming). Yes, I / we can. No, I / we can’t.

Unit 4 We Help Each Other

brother, family, grandma,grandpa, sister, helper, carry, clean (the board), cook, hand out (the pencils), help, live, pick up, set the table, wash (the car), water (the plants), (work) on the computer, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, yard, ant, cat, bat, whale, board, computer, fan, friend, home, man, music, pan, plant, river, goodbye, bad, angry, happy, lost, tired, up, down apple, banana, cookie, cupcake, drink,hamburger, hot dog, ice, ice cream, jelly, juice, lunch, milk, peanut, peanut butter, pear, raisin, salad, salt, snack, sugar, bag, fork, knife, napkin, plate, spoon, brown, ink, king, kiss, lips, picture, ring, rabbit, slippers, smile, wing, eleven, twelve, clap, eat, kick, walk

Early Literacy: the letter Aa; word-blending; decoding a sentence Social Studies: helping; emotions; collaborative...
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