Comunitary project

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Community Tourism Project


Among the blue Caribbean Sea, with mangroves, coral reefs and idyllic islands, and the dense tropical rainforest of the Bastimentos Island, is the Salt Creek (Quebrada Sal) Ngobe community.

Here, the local organization ALIATUR (Salt Creek Alliance for Tourism), has created the conditions for visitors to the Archipelago ofBocas del Toro can know the culture of this indigenous people, their handicrafts, dances and stories.

But not all end there: four nature trails in the surrounding forests allow tourists to appreciate the rich fauna and flora of the region, also offering room and typical meals for those who want to stay for a day or more in the community.

As if this were not enough, its proximity to theBastimentos Island National Marine Park, allows in a short time, to make a visit to the wonderful Zapatillas Cays and enjoy its beaches, coral reefs and its ecological trail.

Naso Sustainable Development
& Ecotourism Organization

In the midst of tropical jungle, on the banks of the Teribe River, in the Central Mountain Range of Panama, ODESEN, Naso Organization for SustainableDevelopment and Ecotourism, has created a center for education and ecotourism for the visitors.- TREK THE HELICONIANS TRAIL

Guide $ 20.00 per group up to 20 people
Transportation $ 150.00 per boat
Guide $ 20.00 per group
Visit the Botanical Gardens $ 25.00 per group
Exhibition of handicrafts: free

Transportation $150.00 per boat
Guide $ 20.00 per group
Traditional dance display $ 60.00 per gruop
Exhibition of handicrafts: free

From Sieiyik to El Silencio $ 20.00 per person
From Wekso to El Silencio $ 10.00 per person
The project has been built through an agreement with the National Environmental Authority (ANAM), as it is inserted into theAdministrative Headquarters of La Amistad International Park, at the Caribbean sector. Withthesponsorship of ANAM and CEPF.
The transportation by boat on the Teriberiver, between El Silencio and Wekso, costs $ 50.00, round trip, price for the boat with up to 6 passengers.
Fee to La Amistad International Park is $ 5.00 per person, payable to the administration of the Park..
Accommodations: we have 3cabines with bunk beds and mosquito nets. The cost is $ 20.00 per night per persona.
The food is served in our restaurant Prices (per person) are: $ 3.00 the breakfast, $ 6.00 the lunch and $ 5.00 the dinner.

We recommend you to bring: drinking water, insect repellent, hats, light clothes including a coat and rain coat light too, as well as shoes adquate for walking in the forest.
If youbring photographic equipment or video, we recommend to some protection against splashing water for boat trips or from rain. Rememberthatwe are in therainforest

Community Tourism Project
Popa 2, Bocas del Toro, Panama

Popa 2, where MERI NGOBE projet is, a village located in the Popa Island, very close to the Bastimentos Island National Marine Park. The Village, consists of a severalhouses, the primary & secondary school, the school^s dinning roomand a local 6 restaurant.
The main occupations of their inhabitans are the subsistance fishing and agriculture, being the tourism an activity that had being increasing lately.

The MERI NGOBE project groups the women of the village , an organization that handled the restaurant, the logge, the handicraft production and all theactivities offered to the visitors.
In order to arrive to Popa 2, take a boat in Bocas and, after about 20 minutes of navigation, you will be at the community restaurant where the visitor can make arrangements to lodge and to get a delicious regional meal.

Community Tourism Project

Bahia Honda is a Ngobe Indians community. The ngobe nation is the natives group more numerous of...
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