Concepto de derecho penal

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Could give me your name please
I could give age please : ________________________
What is your nationality :___________________________
What is your marital status:
a) married b) singles c) divorced d) other
What is your occupation ?___________________________
Why travel to MEXICO?
a) know b) Business c)pleasure d) recommendation e) other
How many times visited MEXICO?
a) 1 to 2 b) 3 to 4 c) more than 4
What are the places you have visited or will visit most?
a) beach b) city c) otherhow long will be here in mexico
With whom do you travel?
a) Only b) Friends c) family d) partner e) other
What kind of hotel youstay?
What type of transport used to travel more?
a)plane b) coach c) own car d) local transport
you require on your trip?
a) touristroutes b) tastings c) crafts d) other
What crafts you would like to buy?
a) ornamental b) personal use

What kind of recreational activities do youprefer?
a) planting b) make crafts c) make your own picture d) take photographs specialized e) recycling f) Crafts g)measures h) karaoke
Have you taken any course?
How much to pay for those routes and you have been offered?____________________________________________________________



What did not you liked best aboutthe tour?


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