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Tangrams are a chinese puzzle consisting of seven pieces. A tangram is cut up into five triangles, one parallelogram and one square. The origin of tangrams is unknown,as well as the origin of the name. Many cultures have different theories for the origin of tangrams. One of the stories say that they originated from a perfect squareglass that was dropped when being delivered to the king. The glass did not turn into millions of tiny pieces, but actually broke into seven perfect geometrical shapes.Later people realized other designs could be made out of those pieces. Another theory is that the tangram was created by a God, and that the seven pieces represent thesun, moon and five planets: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mercury. Another legend, The Legend of the Tangram, says there was a man called Tan who dropped a fineceramic tile. the tile broke in seven shaped. He spent his whole life trying to put the pieces back together but he was never successful. However, he did discover that hecould make many different geometrical designs.

History says tangrams were first used in China for a long time, before coming to the Americas and other countries ofthe world. When these puzzles reached England, they became very popular right away. Afterwards, it spread all over Europe.

Tangrams are mainly used as a form ofentertainment. People all over the world, from different ages, use tangrams. Tangrams continue to frustrate people all over the globe. Tangrams make people think, and alsomake people be creative. Since tangrams are made of geometrical shapes, many teachers use tangrams as a way of learning and teaching students about basic math.
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