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Event : IRONMAN France - Nice Triathlon
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Your registration has been processed successfuly.

With theregistration to the IRONMAN France - Nice Triathlon 2010, the following conditions are valid automatically and without any exceptions.

In the case of written cancellation, cancelation fees are:Regular cancellation Policy Until April 27th 2010: 33% cancellation fee (Refund: regular entry 248,- or late entry 282,-)

From April 28th 2010: 100% cancellation fee (no refund)

Cancellation Policy“option 100 % Refund!” * Until June the 6th 2010Refund: regular entry EUR 370 or late entry EUR 420 (0% cancellation fee!) From June the 7th 2010 : No refund (100% cancellation fee)

* You subscribedto the “100% refund” at registration please check if the reason for withdrawing is one of the following:

1. sudden, severe illness, severe detriment to health in consequence of an accident or theinsured person’s death; an illness or consequence of an accident is deemed to be severe if it renders participa Ironman event impossible. Mental illnesses occurring for the first time are covered by theinsurance if an inpatient hospital stay or treatment by a psychiatrist becomes necessary. Extant suffering is on by the insurance if it unexpectedly becomes acute.

2. pregnancy, if the pregnancyis not discovered until after the insured person has signed up for Ironman. If the pregnancy was discovered prior to signing up for Ironman, the nominal sum will only be if severe complications arisein the pregnancy (the complications must be confirmed by a doctor).

3. suddenly occurring severe illness, severe detriment to health in consequence of an accident or death of family dependents,...
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