Conditional 1 and 2

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Conditional Sentence Type I

Complete the Conditional Sentences Type I.

• If you (wash) _____________ the dishes, I (cook)_______________ dinner tonight.
• If my dad (have)_____________ time next week, we (paint) ______________my room.
• You (learn)___________ a lot about history if you (visit)__________ theexhibition.
• If the weather (be / not)_________ too bad tomorrow, we (play) ____________ golf.
• We (get / not)____________ there on time if we (catch / not) ______________ the bus.Conditional Sentence Type II

Complete the Conditional Sentences Type II.

• If I (have) ___________more time, I (learn)______________ to play the guitar.
• If she(study)_____________ harder, she (get) ______________ better marks.
• If we (know) ________more about history, we (be / not) ______________ afraid of the test.
• I (go) ____________ jogging withTom and Sue if they (be) _____________ here this week.
• It (surprise)_____________ me if she (help / not)______________ you.

Conditional Sentence Type I or II

Complete thesentences with the correct form (Type I or II).

• If you need the car in the afternoon, I (go) ______________ shopping in the morning.
• If I (wear) ___________ a hat, I would looklike an old woman.
• I'll buy this bag if they (have) _____________ it in blue.
• She wouldn't pay cash if she (have) _____________ a credit card.
• If I didn't have you, I (notknow) ________________ what to do.
• If the weather is fine, we (go) _______________ swimming.
• He would catch the train, if he (walk) _______________faster.
• She would be muchhealthier, if she (not, smoke) ________________so much.
• If John studies hard, he (get) _______________a good mark.
• You will get very fat, if you (eat) ______________so many hamburgers.
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