Conditional exercises

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  • Publicado : 26 de noviembre de 2011
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1. If I ______________(have) enough money, I ______________(backpack) around Europe. But, unfortunately, I am broke. 2. If I ______________(have) enough money in my twenties, I______________(backpack) around Europe. But, unfortunately, I was broke. 3. She would have been here earlier if she ______________(miss, not) the train. 4. Thank you for helping me study. If you hadn't tutored me, I______________(fail) the test. 5. If I exercised more, I ______________(be) much more fit and I ______________(have, not) so many health problems. 6. It's too bad Frank isn't with us. If he______________(be) here, he ______________(can, translate) the letter for us. 7. Stop asking me what Joe bought you for your birthday. Even if I ______________(know) what he bought you, I ______________(tell, not)you. 8. My business trip to California was only two days. If the trip ______________(be) longer, I ______________(visit) my friends in Los Angeles. 9. I'm sorry, I didn't know you were allergic tochocolate. If I ______________(know) , I ___________(make) you a vanilla birthday cake. 10. Did you hear that Margaret won $2,000 in Las Vegas, and she used the money to buy a new washing machine anddryer? How boring! If I ______________(win) that much money, I ______________(go) to Tahiti for a couple of weeks. 11. Sally's alarm didn't go off, and she was almost late to the interview. If she______________(arrive) late, she ______________(might, not, get) the job. 12. Jane is polite and well mannered. She ______________(say, never) anything rude or insulting. That is just the kind of person sheis. 13. Martha said that Paul called Nick a jerk at the party. I don't believe that! Paul is polite and well mannered. He ______________(say, never) anything rude or insulting like that. 14. Penny'sbaby daughter almost drank some of the furniture polish which was sitting on the coffee table. If she ______________(drink, actually) the polish, she ______________(could, get) sick or even died. 15....
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