Conditional sentences

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1) Types of conditional sentences. Write 3 sentences for each type of conditional:
- ZERO: If you don’t use a jacket while is raining, you get wet.
If I’m late for classes, theteacher gets angry.
If you don’t drink water, you get thirsty.
-ONE:If I have time, I'll visit my grandparents this afternoon.
If we don't hurry, we'll miss the bus.
If you drink toomuch, you'll get drunk.

- TWO:If I were him, I would go and see a doctor.
If I studied, I would pass the exams.
If I won the lottery, I would travel to my favorite places.

-THREE:If you had driven more carefully, you would not have had an accident.
If we had played a little better, we would have won the game.
If you had saved your money, you would have bought a computer.2) Write 2 sentences for Hypothetical constructions according to:
- Generally true:I wish that I had a new car.
I wish that I knew Paul's phone number.

-Statement referring I wish that I had slept more hours.
to the past: I wish that I had taken a better decision.

- A promise: I wish that I would be a better daughter.
I wishthat I could learn a new language.

3) Explain in your own words the “Zero Conditional”, and give 2 examples:
In the Zero conditional, the two clauses in a sentence have to be in the presenttense. And is used to express universal statements, a law of science, etc.
Examples:If it rains, you get wet.
If you mix red and blue, you get purple.

4) What is a true conditional?
Trueconditional describes real-life or possible situations.These situations take place if a certain condition is met.

5) What is a factual conditional? Give 2 examples of present and 2 forfuture:
The present factual conditional sentences are used to talk about general truths and scientific facts.
Examples:If you are interested in visiting Street Night Market, take a walk to Shanghai....
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