Conditionals - unless

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une 18th Conditional sentences

Uses and examples

We use it to talk about general truths and natural law.
Example: “If you commit a crime, you go to jail”.
Form:If + Simple Present

We use it to talk about a possibility in the future.
Example: “If It rains, I might stay at home today”.
Form: If + Simple Present + Future (will, may,might, could, can).

We use It to talk about an imaginary situation and advice.
Example: “If I were at home, I would go to sleep.
Form: If + Simple Past, would + INFUnless: (a menos que…)
“If you don´t come on time, you´ll be late”.
“You will be late unless you come on time”.

June 21st

Imaginary situation

• If I found anexpensive ring in a bathroom of a restaurant, I would give it to the manager of the restaurant.
• If my best friend bought me a sweater for my birthday witch I don´t like it, I would tellher that I love it.
• If a classmate that I don´t know very well asked me to borrow him $30 for lunch, I would told him that I’m sorry but I won´t lend him money.
• If I was in avery important party, and there was somebody wearing the same clothes as me, I would said to the person:
“- you have good taste. I like your outfit”.

• If I saw a classmatestealing me, I would told another classmate what I have seen and asked him for advice.

You are at a super market and you see a thief trying to steal milk, you:
• Run away
• Goon without noticed
• Call to the police
You are at a friend´s house and you break a very important object for your friend, you:
• Tell it to your friend
• Cry
• Continue iflike nothing was happening.
You are at a swimming pool and there is a boy running around the pool, you:
• Go on swimming
• Tell him that is very dangerous
• Call his mom
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