Condones en las escuelas

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Sobrino Agustin Sobrino Professor Mary Sefranek INGL 3103 Sec 127 19 October 2010 You Decide if you Prefer to Give Out Condoms or Receive a Free Baby Abstinence is the best way to prevent unwanted baby’s or diseases. Are most of the teenagers located around the world abstaining themselves from sex? Of course not! That is when a key question pops out. Give out free condoms or free baby’s? In mostcountries around the world teenage pregnancy is a big issue. However like most of societies problems we ignore it. Giving out free condoms around the schools its not a practice most people agree with. They think that doing such thing is telling teens that having sex at an early age is a good thing. But you are not giving out free condoms at schools and yet again lots of teens are having sex and aselect few are either ending pregnant or with a disease that has marked there life forever. You have a counter argument you say? Using a condom will not remove 100% of the chances of ending pregnant or with a disease. Imagine a situation where some specific action might save someone important. In the situation there is a 90% chance that if you do way A you can save that person and if you do way Bthere is a 10% chance. Which way would you choose? If you really care for that person you will choose way A. Same thing with condoms, there is a 90% chance or so of someone not getting pregnant or a disease while using a condom than when not using one. Giving out free condoms at school might involve some expenses. In due course that could be a mayor con considering the economical situation we aregoing through. But are we going to focus our life on non-sense stuff, like money? Or should we rather focus our life's in stuff that are important, like our teens future? Everyone knows that if a teen gets pregnant generally one of two things can happen. You either pay thousand of dollars on ending an

Sobrino innocent child's life or you decide on going till the end with your pregnancy, whichis a responsibility for a lifetime and a responsibility teens are not ready for. One other thing can happen by having unprotected sex. A terrible disease known as an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease). A disease that you either spend thousand of dollars on treatment that might never cure you or death awaits you. Giving condoms at school are teaching teens that if you decide on having sex youshould at least be responsible about it and have protected sex. There is no such thing as an early age to start teaching teens about what sex is and what consequences it might bring to us. Despite all this, schools nowadays focus more on nonsense that on things that matter. In addition to facilitating teens with condoms, schools should make sex ed classes better and an obligation to go to. By teachingthem what they need to know, in my opinion, the only reason they might not have protected sex is cause there too afraid of going to public places and buying condoms on their own. That is when schools should focus on things that matter and give the opportunity to teens of having protected sex and showing them what being a responsible citizen is all about. Better yet, give them the conscious thatevery action has a consequence. On a article written by Grace Chen she shares an important fact on why should we distribute condoms on schools: In 2008, the Center for Disease Control released a study showing that one in four teenage girls in America has at least one sexually transmitted infection, and that nearly half of African-American teenage girls had at least one sexually transmittedinfection. Advocates for condom distribution in public schools point these studies as evidence of the importance of providing condoms to sexually active teens. With this in mind its hard to think that school are still not in favor of facilitating condoms to students. With those facts given in Grace Chen’s article, its obvious teenagers are having sex and not protected sex.

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