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 in addition
 and similarly
 likewise as well as
 besides further more
 also moreover
 and then too
 not only … but even
 besides
 first(ly)initially
 second(ly) begin with then
 next earlier/later
 after this/that
 following this/that
 as a result
 thus
 so
 therefore
 consequently
it follows that
 thereby
 eventually
 then in that case
 admittedly
 however
 on the other hand
 despite
 in spite of
 though
 although
 but
on the contrary
 otherwise
 yet instead of
 rather
 whereas
 nonetheless
 even though
 compared with
 in contrast
 alternatively

 in addition
Inaddition, I would like to point out that my neighbor is disturbing me late at night.
 and similarly
Your life will change forever and similarly, your whole family will feel the change.
Some people have little time for a hobby, and have likewise little will to get one.
 as well as
Beauty, as well as smarts, is a remarkable quality

 besides
We aren’t friends. Besides,I don’t feel it’s my place to set him straight.
 furthermore
Computers are getting faster and faster these days; furthermore, their cost is getting lower and lower.
 also
 moreover
I’vewanting a change for a long time, moreover, I feel I deserve one.
 and then too
 not only … but also
Not only this product is good for your hair, but also for the whole body.
first(ly) initially
Initially, you would start putting a plan together.
 second(ly)
 to begin with
To begin with, you will need to commit a portion of your time to studying.
 then
 earlier/later
Later on there comes a stage when your skills are put to a test.
 after this/that
 following this/that
 as a result
I studied well and as a result, I...
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