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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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Madrid, November 2011.

The FacilityManagement is a business discipline that encompasses a series of processes that make us to see the organization in a holistic way, looking for efficient, effective and quality results. These processesintegrate the management of buildings and support services (such as maintenance, security, cleaning, supplies, etc.) in a way aligned with the mission, vision and strategy of the organization to itscustomers.

Support services are important and must be aware that some maintenance and cleaning procedures, contribute to improve the comfort and satisfaction of the organization members, as well astheir customers. Their costs must be consistent about the impact on the Business, and the ideal is that these ones are optimized as long as the time goes by.

The organizations have to take account thata good maintenance management can extend the life of infrastructure and facilities which, together with a proper planning and investment management helps to increase significantly the profitabilityof any organization.


The Facility Management processes are not in themselves the main goal, however they help to achieve the strategic objectives of the infrastructuresand their organizations.

Personal Opinion of the Facility Management
If the organizations with this new business discipline, are more productive, more profitable, but in a social way, it wouldrepresent a threat to jobs? It may produce jobless? Personally, I believe that the optimization of the activities and the increased profitability of an organization provide benefits not only to businessbut also to staff, and if they are more motivated and happier in their workdays, they could produce better results, obtaining a double benefit, economical and social development of the Company....
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