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Enter your product key
type your 25- character product key

Although you are not required to enter your product key now, we recommend you do so for ease of validating your Microsoft OfficeLicense. For information about where your product key is located, click the help button.
Ingrese su clave de producto escriba su 25 - clave de producto de carácter Aunque no se le solicitará que ingrese suclave de producto ahora, le recomendamos que lo hacen para facilitar la validación de su licencia de Microsoft Office. Para obtener más información acerca de dónde la clave del producto se encuentra,haga clic en el botón de ayuda.
Enter your Product Key

Type or paste in the 25-character Product Key.
Important Although you are not required to enter your Product Key now, we recommend you do sobecause it helps to verify that your software is legitimate. You may run your 2007 Microsoft Office system programs up to 25 times before you are required to enter a Product Key. After this graceperiod, if you have not entered a valid Product Key, the software goes into Reduced Functionality mode and many features are unavailable.
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Locate the Product Key for a Trialproduct
Locate the Product Key for a Full product

Locate the Product Key for a Trial product
Depending on how the Trial product was obtained (CD/DVD, downloaded, subscription, or preinstalled by thecomputer manufacturer, system builder, or reseller), the Product Key may be located in one of the following locations:
· Desktop Trial icon when a preinstalled trial is available.
· Sticker on CDcase or other packaging.
· Microsoft Product Identifier Card.
· Confirmation e-mail message received from an online download or renewal notice.
Important If you are unable to locate the ProductKey for your Trial product, visit 2007 Microsoft Office suites Personal Computer Trial Site[->0] for more information on how to request a Product Key.
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Locate the Product Key for a Full...
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