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Huawei switch configuration console port and telnet password for instance - a bayonet ...

Sys into system view.

Enter system view, return to user view with Ctrl + Z. .

[Quidway]user-interface aux 0?.

[Quidway-ui-aux0] authentication-mode scheme. .

Notice: Telnet or SSH user must be added , otherwise operator can’t login!?.

[Quidway-ui-aux0] qu. .

[Quidway] local-user huaweiincreased user name.

New local user added. .

[Quidway-luser-huawei] simple password, huawei configuration password and the password is not

[Quidway-luser-huawei] service-type telnet ssh level 3. .

Service type for SSH and telnet, and login permissions for the administrator permissions after.

[Quidway-luser-huawei] qu. .

[Quidway]user-interface vty 0 4?.[Quidway-ui-vty0-4] authentication-mode scheme. .

Notice: Telnet or SSH user must be added , otherwise operator can’t login!?.

[Quidway-ui-vty0-4]. .


Huawei QuidWay manual switch configuration command:. .

1. start.

Establishing a local configuration environment, the host serial port cable and the Ethernet switch
by configuring the Console port connection. .

Running on the hostterminal emulator (such as Windows HyperTerminal, etc.), set terminal
communication parameters are: baud rate is 9600bit/s, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, and no
flow control, and select the VT100 terminal type.

Ethernet switch Power, Ethernet switch is displayed on the terminal self-test information, after
self-prompting the user hit enter, and after a command line prompt (such as..)?.

Type the command, configuration, or view the Ethernet switch Ethernet switch operating status.
Need help can always type "?." .

2. the command view.

(1) user view (see the simple switch operation status and statistical information). .

: Establish a connection with the switch is entered.

(2) system view (configure the system parameters) [Quidway]: type in the user viewsystem-view. .

(3) Ethernet port view (configuration Ethernet port parameters) [Quidway-Ethernet0/1]: System
view, type interface ethernet 0/1.

(4) VLAN view (VLAN configuration parameter) [Quidway-Vlan1]: type in the system view vlan 1. .

(5) VLAN interface view (configure VLAN and VLAN aggregation corresponding IP interface
parameters) [Quidway-Vlan-interface1]: System view, type interfacevlan-interface 1.

(6) local user view (the local user configuration parameter) [Quidway-luser-user1]: type in the
system view local-user user1. .

(7) user interface view (configuration user interface parameters) [Quidway-ui0]: System view, type

3, the other commands. .

Set the system time and time zone.

clock time Beijing add 8. .

clock datetime 12:00:002005/01/23?.

Set the switch name [Quidway] sysname TRAIN-3026-1 [TRAIN-3026-1]. .

Configure the user logon [Quidway] user-interface vty 0 4..

[Quidway-ui-vty0] authentication-mode scheme. .

Create a local user [Quidway] local-user huawei.

[Quidway-luser-huawei] password simple huawei. .

[Quidway-luser-huawei] service-type telnet level 3?.

4, VLAN configuration. .

? Configurationenvironment parameters ?.

SwitchA port E0 / 1 is VLAN2, E0 / 2 is VLAN3. .

? Networking needs ?.

The switch port E0 / 1 to VLAN2, E0 / 2 to VLAN3. .

Data configuration steps.

?? VLAN configuration process. .

(1) by default, all ports are VLAN 1 and port is the port access, an access port can belong to only
one vlan;..

(2) If the port is access port, put the port to anothervlan, the system automatically vlan the port
removed from the original fall;. .

(3) in addition, if the VLAN VLAN1 XX does not exist in the system view, type the VLAN XX XX to
create VLAN and entered the VLAN view; if the VLAN XX already exists, enter the VLAN view.

? ?SwitchA related configuration. .

Method one:.

(1) create (entry) vlan2. .

[SwitchA]vlan 2?.

(2) the port E0 /...
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