Conflicto entre ecuador y colombia

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One of the Christmases less productive during the last fifty years was what happened in 2009. All Ecuadorian families cut back on spending Christmas at 50 percent as a result of energy cuts that began on 5 November 2009 as an energy saving measure, but later became a need for energy rationing.
Statistics and numbers are clear, according to reports from consulting firms as Datanalisis[1]reported that in Ecuador the impact of the energy cuts was higher in major cities like in Guayaquil, where 43.5 percent is located in the first place (which costs to the country approximately
$ 1,000 million in lost), in Quito, while maintaining that position, representing 23,7 percent.
In another hand, according to the latest quarterly balance of the Central Bank, 218 000 jobs were lost inEcuador in this period.
These were among the main factors that were affected during the period of energy cuts that lasted about three months. Businesses, companies, factories, dealers, wholesalers, retailers, exporters, importers, all these engines of the Ecuadorian economy reduce their sales and other companies went bankrupt.
In the 70s under President Velasco Ibarra was a measure likethis, it was very painful to relive in the 21st century.
The electricity generation system in Ecuador has never been self-sufficient. That means the sources of energy as Paute, have never generated enough energy to supply the Ecuadorian families needs. The solution throughout history has been to import energy from other neighboring countries such as Peru, Venezuela and Colombia this last oneour main energy supplier.
Ecuador has become a niche business coveted by neighboring countries, which see the high price of electricity in Ecuador, the opportunity to make large economic returns. A clear example is the energy imports from Colombia: Energy deficiency in the dry season, we must resort to buying electricity to very high values
Colombia has taken advantage of thebenefits of interconnections and moved them effectively to their consumers(Exhibit 1), so it has announced it will cut the rate by about 6% by energy exports, while in Ecuador, the rate is growing months to month.
A historical event in the political relations between Ecuador and Colombia happened on 1 March 2008, which was the beginning of the commercial break between the two countries, being themost affected energetically for Ecuadorians.
The origin of this event was The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) has always used lightly patrolled jungle border areas of Ecuador and Venezuela to regroup and resupply.
But aggressive military action ordered by Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has driven rebels over the borders in greater numbers, analysts say.
LuisEdgar Devia Silva, FARC's second-in-command, was known by the nom de guerre Raul Reyes and was thought to live in a camp on the Ecuadorean side of the border.
The Colombian army killed Reyes, 59, in a mission that the Colombian Defense Ministry said began on the Colombian side of the Putumayo River but ended more than a kilometer inside Ecuador.
Experts in Venezuela and Colombiabelieve that Venezuela's President, Hugo Chavez, is tolerant, even accommodating, of FARC insurgents, for whom he expresses admiration. FARC has this year released six of the hundreds of hostages it holds to Mr. Chavez's representatives in Colombia.
But Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa is said to be concerned about the growing presence of rebels and the violence and drug trafficking they bring.Mr. Correa's response to the Colombian incursion was initially muted. He lamented the loss of life but said nothing critical of Colombia.
Later, Mr. Correa took a harder line, demanding an explanation and apology. The news that Ecuador was sending troops to its border came from Mr. Chavez, but there was no confirmation from Ecuador.
Mr. Correa and his predecessors have walked a...
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