Conflicts in organizations

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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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Management of Conflict in Organizations
When we think of the word conflict, we usually think of more than simple disagreement. We think of individuals or groups in sharp disagreement over issues,ideas, or interests. This results in an emotional disturbance between the involved parties, with stress developing and undesirable behaviors being exhibited.
The stress that develops from conflict isimportant to recognize because of the intensity of the demand for action, readjustment, or adaptation. [2] When conflict is present, it is often suppressed. It is regarded as being negative andundesirable. Most times, we consciously attempt to avoid anger, arguing, and other hostile emotions.
The automatic development of a negative attitude toward conflict is inappropriate. When conflict isapproached as being negative, the result is predictable and adverse. It is seen as being confrontational - a situation that places "me against you" or "us against them." [3] This is a destructive process.If pushed to the extreme, dysfunctional conflict results. The primary issue or problem then becomes subverted. Personal and emotional issues become primary. Time, energy, emotion, and money arewasted. Dysfunctional conflict is bad even at its best. This type of conflict must be understood and prevented by early intervention and proper management.
Conflict is inevitable between individuals andgroups if they work regularly with one another. But conflict should be regarded as a positive force that can cause indepth evaluation of problems, issues, and ideas. The evaluation process that conflictcan initiate can result in a full identification of problems; understanding of other points of view; exploration of alternatives; stimulation of interest, involvement, commitment, and energy; andproject success. Conflict can provide the opportunity for personal and organizational growth, if managed properly.
Most managers probably agree that approaching conflict with a positive attitude and...
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