Connections between universities

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The University of Valencia has been integrated into the” Red Emprendes”(Web project), which promotes the social economy (cooperatives and labor) in Valencian society.Esteban Morcillo Rector of the University of Valencia signed a collaboration agreement with the Red Emprendes, consisting of the Valencian Federation of Cooperatives of Employment d'Empreses Associat (FEVECTA), the Federation of Valencia d'Social Valencian companies of Economics (FEVES) and the Foundation encourages the Cooperativisme According to the agreement signed, the University of Valencia,through IUDESCOOP, students will disseminate the values and possibilities of the social economy, and will offer basic advice and consultancy to students interested in entrepreneurship and cooperative societies at work. The Institute of Social and Cooperative Economy (IUDESCOOP) of the University of Valencia assist in the selection of projects so that entrepreneurs can benefit from the servicesavailable to citizens Undertake Network. Also accede to the promotional services, advisory and consultancy aimed at students, entrepreneurs and social enterprises and other entities On the other hand, both the University of Valencia as the Red Emprende encourage participation in conferences, workshops, seminars and other activities of information dissemination and awareness in order to enhance andpromote the social economy. Finally, create mechanisms for ongoing communication, including especially regarding open records information and advice for start-ups and established companies.

Lines of action of “Red Emprendes” To achieve its overall purpose and the three major goals, the Red undertake developments four lines of action: 1. Information and awareness aimed at society. Information andawareness actions, directed to all citizens on the role that social economy enterprises play in society and economic system 2. Support for entrepreneurs and companies. Various actions aimed at providing specific support to entrepreneurs wishing to start a social economy project and the companies that are in the initial phase of its activity.  Information services:  Talks and information sessionsdevoted to topics of interest to entrepreneurs and newly established companies.  Newsletters aimed at newly established companies.  Development and dissemination of information materials on various aspects of the social economy.  Web with information on topics of interest to entrepreneurs and social enterprises.     Advisory services to entrepreneurs: Public aid and funding sources. Legalforms and handling process for the constitution of the company. Internal organization (work function and corporate) and other aspects of interest.  Monitoring the viability of business plans.  Advisory services to the newly formed company:  Financial advice, financial, legal, tax and labor on all the specifics of the cooperative law.  Follow-ups during its start-up and launch.  Monitoring theorganization and operation of the business, labor and corporate slopes.  Support for network configuration of business cooperation.

General promotion of information technology and communication, and supported its inclusion in the companies. Support and advice to groups of workers affected by job layoffs (ERE), closures and similar situations, to take action to re with them.

3.General Actions  Studies on the social economy sector: analysis of territorial areas, the study of aspects such as training, technological level, deposits of new activities and employment, and others.  Initiatives and participation in national and international projects.  Collaboration with institutions and organizations interested in the Valencian Community in developing the social economy. ...
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