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1. Look for the Reason and Purpose, Cause and Effect, unexpected result, contrast, opposition connectors

1.he poured honey all over her body, but He licked it off.
2.we mustreduce the speed of trucks on the highway, because There will be more traffic deaths.
3.he forgot to put on the gun's safety catch, so He shot himself in the foot.
4.Gro Harlem Brundtland is a steadfastsupporter of sustainable development, also She is the Prime Minister of Norway.
5.There is enough food to feed everyone on this planet, however thirty million people die of hunger each year.
6.hedoesn't smoke and moreover he doesn't drink.
7. transnational corporations control two thirds of the world's trade, beside they employ only 3% of the world's workers.
8. the world's populationcontinues to increase, although there are 240,000 babies born every day.
9. joseph Conrad did not learn to speak English until his late teens, nevertheless he became one of the greatest English novelistsof the 20th century.
10. the Eiffel Tower is 984 feet high, moreover it was built in 1889.


1. choose the best option.

• Karen is rich; ___ otherwise ___, her cousin Kate ispoor.
a. therefore
b. however
c. otherwise

• You'd better take a taxi. __ Consequently ____, you'll arrive late.
a. Consequently
b. Furthermore
c. Otherwise

• I enjoy reading this newmagazine. ____ Moreover _____, it has good articles.
a. Moreover
b. Nevertheless
c. However

• Jack wasn't tired. _________ Hence _______, he took a nap.
a. Otherwise
b. Hence
c. Nevertheless• Phil was not thirsty; ___ however ___, he drank five glasses of water.
a. however
b. moreover
c. furthermore

• The kids didn't study. ______ Otherwise ______, they failed the course.
a. Thereforeb. Nonetheless
c. Otherwise

• The weather was terrible. ______ Therefore ________, we decided to delay our trip.
a. Furthermore
b. Besides
c. Therefore

• You must buy the tickets; ____...
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