Conocimiento etico (ingles)

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“Learn to value = the ethical knowledge”

The importance of ethics is not to memorize, but to practice. Ethics is a subject to which objective is to make easier every act according to human nature.Ethics is not based on following a set of rules, rules that many times come from society. The fundaments of ethics aren’t based in rules that are socially accepted. Ethics use as measure the natureof the human, analyzing, knowing and trying to understand is the way ethics study the means in which it understands the way we should behave, is an study out of human tendencies. Ethics differ fromother sciences because in experimental science like biology, you formulate laws, in ethics you analyze tendencies, but you don’t state things from what you see in them. An action must not only see thecircumstances and the intentions to be ethically correct, you must see what’s natural and normal and what is not.
We do not achieve the ethical value only with the aspects mention above, but thecommunal experience and traditions that we live have influence in how the human develops with its surroundings. The human is in a constant transmission between society and nature, we do not star from zero,we start from the knowledge and experience acquired by the time. But this isn’t just a privilege; every right comes with a have to. Human as he matures, has the obligation to assume rationally thatknowledge and value criteria, comparing with the natural reality where he lives.
What ethics teaches is to know how to differ a correct action from the incorrect one, this is an act that requiresfrom a double knowledge; from one side to know human nature, and by the other what is necessary to apply in each specifically situation.
There are five acts that contribute the ethical value:
*Memory of experiences: Compare the case with others similar
* Ask for advice to prudent ones: Ask for the experience
* Circumspection: Consider the different aspects of a decision.
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