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In the Account Maintenance window, I am unable to enter a full account number in one of my segments. It keeps skipping one of the numbers and jumps to the nextsegment. Why is this happening?


This problem is occurring because of a corrupt Forms dictionary. To resolve the issue, rename the Forms.dic and then launch eEnterprise and see if yourproblem still exists. Even if you haven't modified the Forms.dic, it can still become corrupt and cause this problem.

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An account number of 000-1100-00 with a segment ofall zeros will be imported as 000-1100-00. Integration Manager will pad out the full account number with zeros. The type of file, tab or comma, doesn't matter in this instance.

An account numberof 000-1100-__ (where __ indicates 2 blank spaces) with a totally blank segment will need to be imported from a comma-delimited file with quotes around the account number. If the file that containsaccounts with blank segments is not imported from a comma-delimited file, the ODBC Text Driver that the Integration Manager uses will strip the spaces out and import the account as 000-1100. Instead ofblank spaces, the 3rd segment will having nothing in it at all.

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Can you have an account distribution masksetup as the following?


(The a’s are the masked numbers)


No, you cannot have a distribution mask that is part of a segment. You can only mask the whole segment.You will need to change your account format if you want to have the account distribution mask setup that way.

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Question:I am looking in Setup - Financial - Segment and choosing any of my segments. The numbers that are displaying do not match the number of digits that I have set up. I have tried File Maintenance on...
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