Consequences of 11 september in international business

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  • Publicado : 20 de octubre de 2010
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On Tuesday September 11 in New York was the beginning of the worst attacks in the United States since Pearl Harbor, the destruction of theTwin Towers of the World Trade Center. This circumstance has an impact on all economic, political, human devastating consequences for society.

After the tragedy of September 11 New York's economy wasbeginning to weaken rapidly and with it collapsed the entire economy. One of the first immediate consequences was that much of the population was left without work; thousands of workers joined theunemployment lines because the terrorist attack damaged their places of employment.

The World Trade Center was a consecrate space of offices in the largest corporate headquarters, economic and legalof the world, so, when it was destroyed it lost a large proportion of jobs in the city, including companies that lost telephone services, which could not function for over a week, workers who couldnot reach their places of employment because of difficulties with transportation, all were unemployed greatly affecting the U.S. economy.

The U.S. currency, the dollar was affected by the attacks.This attack resulted in fluctuations in the exchange rate hurting the U.S. economy and its trading partners.

Another significant result was that the airline industry was highly affected by people'sfear of flying after the attack and also by the rising costs of oil prices, with this the airlines saw their shares decrease quickly. In the same way all airline-related sectors were affected as wasthe tourism and business sector. The decline in tourism and business, which has resulted in the fall of prices in transport modes, traffic has also become a huge problem for the U.S. economy.

Ingeneral, terrorist attacks deteriorate the confidence of consumers and businesses, raised the price of oil, produced fluctuations in exchange rates, which worsens the economic decline and slows the...
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