Consorship is ismoetimes justified

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  • Publicado : 5 de enero de 2012
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Freedom of expression and the right to accurate information are two factors that preserve a democratic society. That is why dictators deny their people those rights. Censorship is defined as theprocess by which persons in authority regulate what information that the public have access to. It severely curtails the two fundamental rights mentioned earlier. Thus, censorship is viewed as a tool oftyranny.
I believe that censorship should be used in several cases. One is based on the principle of avoiding sex and violence such as in movies or TV. This is the most common type of censorship.Exposure to the explicit material shown in this media at a young age can cause psychological instability and make viewers more prone to juvenile delinquency. It would also make people more violent orsex-addict. In this case censorship protects the minds of the people in order to have a better community.
In fact, explicit material censorship can be rooted throughout games (console or computer),books and the internet. Probably the internet is an easy access media where anybody can say anything, listen to anything, watch and read whatever they want. That’s why some governments have started tocensor sites which express a specific topic.
Political affairs, social conflicts, interracial battles are situations in which aggressive, argumentative and rude behavior blossom and it certainlychanges the behavior of the people around. They unite to the conflict and form adverse groups. Each group takes a side, then criticizes and questions each other until a real fight is formed and more peopletake part of it.
We can see the results of people who aren’t censored and their reality is not remarkable at all. That doesn’t mean that anyone who tastes censored material will end up as a mess ofperson but that the sense that you are doing something that shouldn’t be done may lead to continual use of explicit material. Finally, censorship is sometimes necessary more than justifiable because...