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iConstructability Review Manual Table of Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. Introduction Contract Requirements
• Reading the Contract and developing a Plan

AIA A201-1997 Requirements Constructability Review Process
• Basic Steps to Get Started • Constructability Session explained

5. 6. 7. 8.

Constructability Details
• Detailed list of items by Major Building System

MEP Constructability Issues
•Explanation of MEP and detailed list of items

Document Review Checks
• List of basic components of the Contract Documents

Report Formats and Matrix
• Example of Constructability Matrix format

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Constructability Review Manual


Purpose of this Manual
This Manual was created by a group of Turner staff from Cincinnati Business Unit. There were 2 mainissues: First, the AIA A201 1997 General Conditions require a documented Constructability Review by the Construction Manager. The process needed to be defined to satisfy this contractual requirement. Secondly, even if a Constructability review is not a contractual requirement, it is a valuable service as it relates to quality control and construction defects. In summary, defining theConstructability review process accepted by the Architect and Owner should result in these benefits: Improved bidding and construction documents Better buyout of the scope and enhanced quality control Fewer Change Orders due to scope gaps, oversights, and errors Less risk related to Construction Defects

Starting the Process
We should make an effort to understand the building program and coordinate ourefforts with the entire project team. The extent and level of detail of the Constructability Review is based on the following factors: : Building Type Proposed exterior wall system New types of products proposed Complexity of building layout and components Flow of program and design information from the Owner Value engineering requirements Responsibility for design (if any) Experience of the ArchitectsLevel of completeness of the documents Part of our Preconstruction Services (check contract)

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Constructability Review Manual
When the Review Occurs
Constructability Reviews should be performed at each design phase. This can be combined with an estimate update as well. The review should be done BEFORE a substantial amount of the details are developed due to the costs forredesign. The level of detail for the Constructability Review will vary depending on the status and completeness of the documents. The best opportunity for Constructability is 1) Initial review at schematic in association with the evaluation of the building program and budget status 2) Another review prior to the completion of the Design Development Documents (prior to start of CD’s), and 3) Finalreview prior to release of Construction Documents for permit and plan check and prior to release for bidding If this process is handled objectively and tactfully, with adequate budgeting for these document reviews, we should achieve the goal of better documents, improved bidding and better customer relations.

Contract Requirement
Latest edition of AIA Document A201-1997, General Conditions of theContract for Construction, Article 3.2 Review of Contract Documents and Field Conditions by Contractor, assigns Constructability review responsibilities to the contractor. If Turner has a General Contractor type AIA standard agreement, then we have a duty and responsibility to complete. See Section 3 for detailed discussion on this AIA Document.

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Constructability Review Manual2. Contract Requirements
Read and Understand the Contract
The importance of reading and understanding our Contract with the Owner, and knowing the Architect’s contractual responsibilities cannot be overstated. All Project Team members should read the contract and understand what services the Owner has purchased. Some contracts are specific on defining what the Owner expects in the way of a...
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