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  • Publicado : 12 de mayo de 2011
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Erase once a magic cat that had a very unique quality that the help to all what you/they requested him help and they requested him a desire the it offered them support and accessory in any thing that the one could help them but that was it seizes a lot of time the very well-known era for people of the years “80” it was a famous friend, or magic animal in those years the verywell-known but alone era for the person that you/they requested him help and they requested it you dare of the dreams the imaginary era in a world in which the one could change to create and to destroy what the one wanted this it happened for that the one came from another planet that he/she called himself catymagig the era the son of the king of that planet but the one escapes to the earth thepaneta earth and the one possessed magic powers and he/she began to make appearances to person but they got scared that a cat walked in two paws and he spoke for that reason he thought of an idea of appearing in the dreams creating the his own world where it put people during people they were sleeping in those dreams they were in that world and the he explained to them the whole process in which theone could help them the he told them that that that the he could help him the the Aryan thing and the he gave them the welcome one but he never told them the but valuable that seized it magic that it was his name the the only thing that told them that it was the “MAGIC CAT” but never his name.


But one Day in the year 80 April 20 a person needed it and nobody wise of her existence ifI/you/he/she was not for the one that was appeared to the person that but they needed it at the hour that the person fell asleep the I/you/he/she put them in her magic world and she welcomed them and I/you/he/she was presented and suddenly to the person to the one that is appreciated needed help and the era Bruce the era a person that suffered a lot of jeer, jokes, laughs in the school where shestudied and the no longer could but the one wanted that they no longer bothered it that they never laughed at the and the magic cat told him I can help you friend Bruce he looks I will visit one another and to your school but alone your you will be able to see me nobody but your me truth to leave a magic bag where I will give you articles so that they no longer make fun of you you understand or thiswell friend thank you to help me friend magic cat your you are my first friend that helps me to solve my problems.

Or cat magic come ace that happiness will come me well your company, the cat tells him or this well bruce I come to help you that so that nobody laughs neither make fun of you your partners of the school or thank you friend magic cat, and when finishing the classes in the school itsounds the bell of the recess and his partners throw him one it cracked of banana tree so that he falls and the cat tells him care and bruce he takes off and nobody laughs at the and then the magic cat makes the same thing one it throws him it cracked at the same time of banana tree of the partner that I throw it to him and he makes the teacher to mention her name so that she stops and the brucepartner stops and he slides with it cracked it of banana tree and all laugh at the and he tells him the cat hey bruce they will feel the jeers that your you felt but he remembers this it is not vengeance if not that it is a lesson that you/they have to learn on valuing the person if these of agreement. If this well magic cat I understand your purpose but if that he/she gives laugh jajajaajajaajajajajaa if to my it also provokes me laugh bruce

He/she listens bruce he/she looks I have to leave but your when you need my alone help you have to say the word boom so that I appear you understand, if friend magic cat I will call you friend this well good-bye.

The magic cat leaves to his world but in his world some monsters end up wanting him to steal their magic bag but the magic cat...
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